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Our mission is to help organisations fulfil their purpose by efficiently planning, prioritising and performing their critical tasks within their available resource capacity, supported by effective change management.

Our vision is to be the preferred advisor of leaders of organisations in helping them to plan, prioritise and perform their critical tasks to stabilise and grow their operations.


Each organisation has a purpose, and a strategy mapping out the route to its fulfilment. Challenges, such as dealing with change, often arise in and around the operations.

Peebles GmbH helps you navigate challenges, making sure you maintain focus on the core activities which add the most value to your business. We help you continue your journey towards fulfilling your purpose.


Efficient planning allows those impacted to align on the critical tasks, setting you on course to reaching your goals. Transparent planning reduces the risks of uncertainty through scope definition, ensuring that required resources can be identified. The planning enables communication of actions between parties, promoting teamwork, facilitating creativity and innovation, and leading to increased efficiency.

Peebles GmbH helps organisations efficiently plan, providing a roadmap and clear direction.

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In organisations there is often more demand than available resources to meet the demand. The purpose and strategy of your organisation are the basis on which you weigh your tasks and subsequently prioritise within your available resource capacity. Clear, communicated priorities ensures the organisation remains focused.

Peebles GmbH helps organisations establish the necessary prioritisation principles.


Organisations experience turbulence requiring them to correct or adjust their plan, but this need not impact you fulfilling your purpose.

Peebles GmbH helps you establish procedures that allow you to approve and track the progress of your activities, enabling course corrections to be made whilst maintaining focus on your goals.

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Peebles GmbH is a business consulting company that helps you improve your organisation making sure you maintain focus on the core activities which add value to your business.

If you are a small to medium size business or aid organisation, or a department within a large organisation, let us talk about your journey.

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