Peebles GmbH

… is a provider of project portfolio and project services offering a single point of contact for alignment, prioritisation and controls that enables businesses to focus their expert personnel on achieving their goals.

Our Mission

… is to enable businesses to deliver their project portfolio and projects within resource, time and cost limits through careful planning, prioritising and execution.

Our Vision

… is to be the service provider that brings calm and stability to our clients’ project environment.


I am a business engineer with over 30 years’ international experience gained in large construction projects such as hospitals, commercial real estate and pharmaceutical production facilities and production companies in the pharma sector.

Career Stations

  • since 2015 | Managing Director and Chief Enabling Officer | Peebles GmbH | Germany, Switzerland and USA:
    Business Consultant and Service Provider in Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Project Management Office (PMO) and Project Controlling.
  • from 2009 to 2015 | Director Project Management Office (PMO) and Project Portfolio Manager | Roche Pharma Biotech Penzberg | Germany:
    Portfolio Management, Resource and Stakeholder Management, Change Management, Leadership and Membership in local and global Project Portfolio Councils.
  • from 2004 to 2009 | Project Controls Engineer (PCE) | Roche Pharma Global Technical Operations Engineering | Germany and Switzerland:
    Project Controlling including Schedule, Resource and Cost Management, Change Control, Project Reporting.
  • from 1999 to 2004 | Project Controls Engineer (PCE) | Bovis Lend Lease | Germany:
    Project Controlling including Resource and Cost Management, Progress and Change Control, Procurement Support, Claims Management, Project Reporting.
  • from 1994 to 1999 | Senior Commercial Manager | Bovis Lend Lease | Germany and India:
    Commercial Management including Cost, Resource and Claims Management, Project Reporting.
  • from 1993 to 1994 | Cost Manager | Professor Weiss & Partner | Germany:
    Cost Management in projects for Foster + Partners und das United States Army Military Police Corps.
  • from 1987 to 1992 | Quantity Surveyor | Fred Smith & Partners and William Wallace | Scotland and Canada:
    Quantity Surveying including Cost Management, Project Management and Interim Branch Office Management.

Prioritise to Perform


Each business has a purpose, and a strategy charting the course to fulfilling it. Challenges, such as dealing with change, often impact operations.

We help you navigate the challenges to maintain focus on the core activities which add the most value to your business, thus enabling you to continue your flight towards fulfilling your purpose.


Efficient planning allows the team to align on the critical tasks, setting you on course to reaching your goals. Scope definition coupled with transparent planning allows the right resources to be identified, enables communication of actions, promotes teamwork, facilitates creativity and innovation, and leads to increased efficiency.

We support businesses by efficiently planning their projects, providing a heading and a clear route.


There is often more demand than resources available to meet it. The purpose and strategy of your business are the basis on which you weigh your tasks and subsequently prioritise within your resource limits. Clear, communicated priorities ensures the organisation remains focused.

We help you establish the necessary prioritisation principles.


In business you sometimes experience turbulence requiring you to correct or adjust your plan, but this does not stop you fulfilling your purpose.

We provide services that allow you to track the progress of your project activities, enabling course corrections to be made while still maintaining focus on the destination.


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