Expediting | Design Deliverables

The design is developed over design phases. During design phases information / documentation is produced and tracked in the form of deliverables. Expediting design deliverables helps maintain focus and drive the design process.
Projektsteuerung Beschaffung und Prozess (PMO)
Expediting | Design

Problem Statement

To ensure that the team does not lose sight of the completing the individual design deliverables within agreed timeframes.


Ensure that:

  • design deliverables are identified,
  • necessary resources are estimated, and the completion of the deliverables scheduled,
  • actual progress is tracked, deviations highlighted and mitigated, and final completion forecast.


Once the scope of work is established the following steps are taken:

  1. project deliverables are consolidated centrally in one list and a stepwise completion of each deliverable established,
  2. the progress steps are scheduled, and the timeline agreed within the team, e.g. scheduling the design,
  3. actual progress is regularly tracked, and the schedule updated,
  4. deviations between plan and actual are highlighted to project controlling, and mitigation expedited.


The process helped team members stay on track and regain focus if needed. Additional deliverables or changes that arouse were quickly identified and their completion prioritised within schedule and resource limits minimising negative impact to the schedule.

Process Implementation

Teamwork is essential. The teamwork between Project Management and Project Services is summarised as follows:

Use Case

A project was initiated to gain operational efficiencies by bringing together several departments from different locations into one location. Elisabeth had been tasked to build a team to prepare possible design solutions and provide the management team with options. Elisabeth’s team comprised staff and contracted members in different locations. For most the project work would be performed in addition to their core business activities and the timeline was tight.

The scope of the project was clearly defined, and each team member allocated specific deliverables. However, Elisabeth was concerned that other priorities would detract the team from meeting their deadline.

We introduced the design deliverable expediting process which team members came to rely on to stay on track and, if necessary, regain focus. They were able to quickly identify any additional deliverables or changes that arouse and prioritise them within schedule and resource limits. This ultimately allowed Elisabeth and her team to successfully deliver project options.

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